Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to Signout or Logout from WhatsApp without Uninstalling

There are so many people searching about "How to logout from WhatsApp without uninstalling app?" or "How to temporary signout from WhatsApp?" etc... After research on the Internet, we can get information that WhatsApp does not officially provide Logout or Signout button in WhatsApp Application. Some users are trying different ways to stop WhatsApp temporary which are mentioned below.

Before going forward, we would like to ask you one question. Are you tired by getting lots of WhatsApp notifications? If yes, then you don't need to stop or uninstall WhatsApp for this reason. WhatsApp has already provided feature to stop notification in chat option.

WhatsApp Notification Settings

You can set notification settings by Open WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Notifications and select appropriate option for your choice.

  • Notification tone
  • Vibration length
  • Show popup notifications
  • Notifications light color (For selected phones only)

Custom Notifications

  • Open an individual or a group chat > Tap on name of selected individual chat or group > Tap Custom notifications > Select option.

Muting notifications 

  • Long press and hold individual group chat or chat > Tap the Mute icon from right corner

How to Force Stop WhatsApp

You can easily stop WhatsApp android or iOS app from your mobile or tablet device by going to Settings > All Applications > WhatsApp and then click "Force Stop" button.

Please note that WhatsApp doesn't permanently force stop by doing above said process. It will be start again if:
  1. You restart your device
  2. You switch on or off your internet
  3. Switch between Mobile data to WiFi or vice-versa
So Force Stop WhatsApp doesn't stop is permanently.

Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger

Uninstalling WhatsApp will force you to delete all your data and remove application completely from your device like other apps. You can uninstall WhatsApp simply by going to Settings > All Applications > WhatsApp and click "Uninstall" button.

Warning: By uninstalling WhatsApp, all your data will be deleted including Chat message, Images, Videos, Audios etc... However, WhatsApp's auto backup service is running on 02:00 am everyday unless you have changed the same.

Hopefully, above methods help you or alternatively you can also Signout or Logout from WhatsApp without uninstalling the WhatsApp Messenger. Let's know about this.

Signout / Logout from WhatsApp without Uninstall

Important: Before Signout / Logout from WhatsApp please take backup of your valuable data Locally or Backup in Google Drive.

To Signout / Logout from WhatsApp, go to Settings > All Applications > Select WhatsApp > Clear Data button. It will keep your WhatsApp application in your device but logged you out and looks like fresh installed copy of WhatsApp copy.

I hope this article will helpful to all my blog readers. Keep reading and submit your comments :) 

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