Friday, September 11, 2015

Blogger doesn't have any page limits... Enjoy bloggers

Blogger Blog

Blogger blog can have 20 pages.

Before this, we seen this texts on the Internet which saying "Blogger have limits of 20 number of pages". It will be removed soon from the Internet. Because Now, Blogger allows you to create any number of pages in your blogger blog. It is biggest freedom in blogger :)

You can also view this details officially on Google's Blogger Limits page.

It is really great news for all bloggers. We also would like to show you some benefits of Blogger here.

Benefits of Blogger Blog
  • Its free by Google
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Almost no hosting limits
  • Single account contains maximum 100 blogs
  • No posts limit in single blog
  • No size limits in single post
  • Size of page is 1MB but it can store hundreds pages of texts
  • Single post can have any number of comment
  • One blog have 100 (maximum) authors / members
  • One blog can have 2000 labels and 20 per post
  • Biggest feature: Its secured by Internet Giant Google
Happy blogging...



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