Friday, January 23, 2015

Introduction to the Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business is a suit of cloud computing productivity and bunch of collaboration software tools by Google. This product contains Google's popular applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, Vault, Hangouts and also Google+. This products can be allow you to configure with your own domain. It means you can make your gmail address looks more professional like through Google Apps. This collection of apps is very useful and affordable for small and medium businesses as well as schools, colleges and organizations. We have tried to provide brief introduction to basic products of this collection. You can also visit some of official links, which are available at bottom of this page, for more details.

Basic and most useful apps:

Gmail: Google's powerful, secure and professional email service. By Google Apps, you can configure your email address like professional address ad said above. You can also use this app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Now, Gmail is also available offline, it means you can access your emails without Internet connection also.

Google Drive: Drive is your cloud storage device. You can use it as your computer's hard disk or pen drive. But it is more secure than your computer because all drives are on Google's infrastructure with powerful security and high power backup. With Google Apps, you have 30GB of space in Drive but you can also purchase more storage by paying additional little charges. Drive also allow you to synchronization with your computer, so you don't need to update your computer and cloud storage in regular interval, both will be synchronize automatically. More, you can view any of your files online, and without buying any software, this is one of the best feature of Drive. You can view your files (e.g. Microsoft Office Documents, Spreadsheets, PDFs and more 40 popular files) in your browser.

Google Sites: This app is extremely useful for you if you would like to create your own website, wiki style portal or team intranet. Google Sites allows you to create website by few clicks even you don't have any programming or codding knowledge. With typical Gmail address, you have 100MB storage for each Google Sites, but with Google Apps, you have 10GB of total storage within your all sites. One of the best feature of Google Sites is, you can embed files from your Google Drive and /or Picassa web images. It means 10GB is more than enough storage for sites.Google also provides Customer Search Engine functionality with Sites, so you can use Google-powered search to find contents across your sites or world wide web.

24/7 support: Google Apps provides full day and night email and phone support with all above said products. It means, if you're stuck-up any time, you can call to Google's knowledgeable support team, they will guide you at anytime, any stage.

  • Rs.150 per user per Month
  • Rs. 1500 per user per Year (plus tax)
Important links:
Conclusion: If you are running small or medium business or an Educational Institute, you must use Google Apps which is affordable and very useful for every business or organization. As per Google, 5 million organizations are using Google Apps product including 60% of Fortune 500 companies.