Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Create free website with Google Sites

Free hosting by Google for personal wiki style website... Yes. You can create your own website or wiki with Google Sites which is allows you to create professional portal. There are tens of inbuilt templates and hundreds of other ready-made full template with demo contents.

Most important feature of this product is, you don't need to any programming or coding knowledge. You can make your site by single click and basic steps. We have provide some basic help for creating a brand new Google Sites. You can also refer some of help resources which are available over the Internet e.g. Google Sites Help Center, Product forum, Steegle (unofficial) and more.

Login at http://sites.google.com with your Google Account credentials.

Select your template and type defined name for your site and then click Create button. That's all. Your brand new Google Sites is ready to show over the Internet.

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  1. sir dommain ane google anyltics ma id mage chhe mate shu karvanu mane ema thatu nathi so help me