Friday, January 30, 2015

Configure Google Analytics with your Blogger blog

As per our earlier post, we have discussed about "How to get basic statistics of your blogger blog". In this post, we will talk about get advanced and detailed statistics about your blog including Real time traffic, location wise, Traffic sources, Events, Demographics, Geo locations, Browsers and OS wise reports etc... As we know, Google provides each and every products for almost all users e.g. Normal users, Developers etc... Google Analytic is tool that gives you all above said reports for your website or blog. You just need to configure it by doing some basic steps, which are mentioned below.

First of all, you need to sign up for Analytics Account, which is free service by Google.

Sign up for Google Analytics:

  • Open
  • Sign in with your current Google Account
  • Click "Sign up" button at right sidebar
  • Now fill some basic details of your blog e.g. Website name, URL, Category, Timezone and Account Name --Actually these all are basic details, you must familiar with these because you are administering website or blog :)
  • Now click "Get tracking ID" button you'll get some Tracking ID code like "UA-12345678-1".
Congrats! you have successfully generate tracking code for your blogger blog or any other website. Just copy it and follow next step to enter this code in your blogger blog.

Add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog

  • Open you blogger dashboard by opening
  • Go to Settings page and click "Other"
  • Under the "Analytics Web Property ID" paste your tracking code (which was copied to your clipboard in first step)
  • Click "Save Settings" button.
  • That's all.
By doing above said two steps, you can view your blog's detailed reports and stats in your Analytics account. Enjoy!

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